Photo help and advice 

Things to Avoid:
  • Harsh light 

  • Blurry photos

  • far away pixeled photos

Things to Aim for:
  • Natural lighting

  • Take picture more eye level 

  • Sharper images

Please note that it is not necessary to meet all theses suggestions as these are just guide lines when taking or sending in images for a portrait. I can work with several photos and combine different components of light and color from each image to acquire the portrait. I can also use several images to combine multiple subjects on to one piece. 

If your beloved pet has passed away and you don't have many high-resolution images, please message me. I have done several portraits of beloved pets that have passed and worked with the photos to create a portrait. 

If you have any questions please contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

Reference Photo


For this portrait I chose this picture because the angle and expression was terrific. I then used other photos of the same dog to capture more of his original color.

Frequently asked questions

Q:How long does it take to complete the portrait?
Depending on the wait time, each portrait will take roughly 7+weeks to complete. 
Q:Does the price estimate include shipping?
-  No, the price estimate is just for the materials and the time to work on the portrait.
Q: Could you photograph my pet?
-  I can photography your pet for additional charge and if you live locally.