"Janet has an amazing talent for animal portraits and scenery!!  I had her paint an oil painting of my daughters German Shephard. The portrait looked exactly like the younger Zeus. The sparkle in his eye, and detail in the fur made him feel alive. She does not disappoint!"


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WOW!  I can’t tell you how excited we are to haven gotten Janet to paint a portrait of two of our dogs that unfortunately are no longer with us. We gave her pictures of them and I thought it was going to be good because I saw some of her past work. Could not believe how well she captures them. We both cried when we saw the finished work. We feel blessed to have Janet paint them and she was wonderful to work with.

-Bert B

What a beautiful surprise from my sweet friend Vick I Craig and friends. They surprised me with one of Janet's incredible paintings of my mare Pocahontas that had passed over rainbow bridge in March of 2020. I could and still can't believe how detailed and precise Janet was able to portray Poco. Every time I look at her painting I feel Poco's soul looking back at me. It is such an calming feeling to me. Thank you Janet for the time you put into my painting and for that wonderful day of the surprise. I am so blessed you and your sister were apart of it. Smiles and Blessings.

-Leslie Stevens


In January 2019, I lost my Big Boy, Pal , an  28 year old Arabian gelding I had raised since he was 3 months old. It was a very tough loss. Pal was the Alpha horse in our herd and though he was the most difficult  horse to train over the years, we had a very special bond. We understood each other. Several months after Pal's passing, one morning a line of cars began filing into the driveway. All of the friends who had loved Pal, worked with, trained and played with him over the years surrounded me as Janet Clukie presented me with the LIFE-LIKE beautiful oil painting of our Big Boy PAL! It was a very moving moment in time to have Pal back in my life in a life-like way. The painting brought comfort to me, knowing how many lives Pal had touched. I will be forever grateful for Janet sharing her talents and for the friends and neighbors who care so much to extend the gift of oil portrait of Pal to me.


Janet did a superb job with her beautiful rendering of our special kitty, Cassie. We admire the painting every day that captures Cassie as she was then: Sweet, curious, playful and loving. Janet, thanks and well done!

-Phillip & Nancy Legg

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Janet Clukie is an amazing artist. For Christmas one year, my mother commissioned Janet to paint two portraits of my two horses. When my mother presented them to me on Christmas morning, I was speechless. Janet had not only beautifully painted my two horses, she had captured their spirit on canvas. To this day, the paintings are an amazing representation of my horses' natures and they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.


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