About Janet 

Janet Clukie is originally from Florida but has moved around and now resides in Georgia. Creating art, even at a young age, was one of Janet’s favorite activities. Living around the country scenic atmosphere has influenced her work, especially dogs and horses. She has always been inspired to paint/draw realistically and consistently practiced. Her passion for art quickly grew into her desire to make painting and drawing her career. For several years now, Janet has been painting portraits of horses, dogs, and cats. Painting animals is her specialty and she has also grown very fond of painting landscapes. Janet's passion for creating is endless and she is delighted to share her artwork with you.

Artist Statement

​In Janet Clukie's paintings and drawings, she expresses her inspiration for the realistic style. Janet specializes in horse and dog portraits. The country scenic atmosphere has helped shape her preference for animal and landscape art. Janet conveys the realistic likeness by exploring the expressions and emotions in her work. She portrays her brush strokes with detail and precision bring her subjects to life.  Janet's passion is evident in the realism she creates.